GRX 90-20 STEAM WEEDER : the dry steam weeding solution
economique Economical
ecologique 100% eco-friendly
zero-pesticide Zero pesticides

The green alternative to plant protection products or pesticides, posing no risk to either operator or environment


Dry steam weeding

The most economical, effective and eco-friendly pesticide-free solution

machine de desherbage

A method recognised as eco-friendly developed in response to the phasing in of a ban on local authority use of chemical pesticides (France's Labbé Act).
Invasive vegetation is treated using a wand fitted with a cone or nozzle and a detachable ramp.

The machine's triple boiler superheats steam to produce dry steam.
Exposure to dry steam causes plant cells to explode and denatures their proteins, preventing photosynthesis. A few seconds of thermal shock to the plant is enough to damage its metabolism so that it dries out within a matter of days. Find out why dry steam is the best solution.



The advantages of the steam weeder

machine de desherbage

Ideal for local authorities and landscaping and farming professionals:

- For large-scale weed control on roadways and public spaces.

- For fast, effective and targeted interventions in hard-to-access areas.

A compact, standalone, self-propelled machine to reach all areas requiring weed control.


-No risk of polluting the water table.

-Harmless to wildlife and the underground ecosystem.

-Low noise.

-Runs on eco-fuel.


-Minimal water and eco-fuel consumption.

-Limited number of treatments required.

-No additional products required.

-Waterproof AGM gel battery (battery life: 2 days, recharges in 4 hours).


-Dry steam can be used in any weather conditions.

-Up to 4 operators (1 ramp and 4 output valves).

-Detachable 75 cm front ramp for treating pathways.


-Simple control panel managing all functions.

-Indicator lights clearly display machine status.

-Lift-up housings for ease of access to the machinery.


-Front wheel with power-assisted steering.

-Handle-mounted controls.


-Built-in warning beacon.

-Emergency stop feature shuts the machine down completely.

-Electric brake.

Warranty: 3 years, except consumable parts 1 year

Application methods:

    1- First year of treatment: 4 treatments (depending on the type of vegetation).

    2- Subsequent years: 3 treatments.

    3- Need for weeding reduces over the years of treatment due to soil depletion.

    4- The first treatment should be carried out after the first shoots appear (February – March).

    5- A final treatment may be needed after the summer seeding period, in areas subject to airborne seed contamination. Long grass should preferably be cut prior to treatment for maximum efficacy.

    6- Applying dry steam (with a very low water content) avoids inadvertent watering of seeds lying dormant in soil, and thus avoids encouraging immediate germination.

24 hrs after treatment


48 hrs after treatment


7 days after treatment


Technical specifications

Number of users : 1 to 4 operators : 1 ramp + 4 output valves

Fuel: diesel/biodiesel (Diester®)/fuel oil

Fuel tank capacity : 20 litres – fuel autonomy of 2 to 3 days when using the ramp

Fuel consumption per cone : 0.5 litres/hour

Forward/reverse speed : 6 kph maximum

Recommended operating speed : 2 kph

Surface area treated : up to 5,000 m2/day

Water tank capacity : 90 litres – operating autonomy of 4 hours using the ramp

Water consumption and autonomy : 22.5 litres/hour (ramp) + 10 litres/hour /(cone)

Electric battery (AGM and gel) : 24V DC - 200 AH

Battery life/charge time : 2 days/4 hours

Boiler exit temperature : 220°C maximum

Ramp/wand exit temperature : 95°C to 115°C

Operating pressure : 11 Bar

Preheating time : approximately 3 minutes

CE certification : EN 60335-2-79:2013

Dimensions (Width x Length x Height) : 2620 mm x 750 mm x 1100 mm

Total unladen weight : 230 kg

Rear axle track : 700 mm

Electrical power consumption : 80W

Burner power : 70,000 kcal/hr/Made in Japan

Electrical protection : Class II

Noise level : 46 dB

Chassis/Housing : thermolacquered steel

Boiler/Tank : 316 stainless steel

Ramp : width 75 cm – Teflon-coated 316 stainless steel

Hose : standard 10 m/optional 20 m/Made from convoluted stainless steel braided PTFE – Thermal and anti-wear protection

Cones : Different shapes available (2 models)

Standard machine : delivered with 2 cones, ramp, 2 weeding wands, 2 x 10m hoses, pistol, hour meter and thermometer on the control panel

Options : hose reels, 20m hoses, smoke stack

Warranty : 3 years except consumable parts 1 year (hoses, valves, pistols, filters, solenoid valves), 4 years for the battery under normal operating and charging conditions

Guaranteed call-out response time : 72h

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